Big Data For Small Businesses

Big Data For Small Businesses
If you walk through life with open eyes, you must have noticed that an increasing number of businesses is becoming data-driven. Big data seems to be the buzzword of the decade. If you have ever received a targeted ad from Google, Amazon etc. you have already seen that in action.

Yet, being data-driven, is not a privilege of big businesses. Every business is generating loads of data every second. Just think of website visitors, customer service calls, sales transactions – you name it. And we haven’t even talked about everybody’s favorite: unstructured data.

Often there is the desire to analyze this data, but many business owners assume that they don’t have the resources to do so. It is easier than you’d think, and it does not have to be too costly either. Big data is easily available for small businesses, even solopreneurs.

Thus, my goal with this series is to show you how to get there. In this process I’m only going to use tools that are available to you for little or no money. The topics I plan to cover are:


1 - What's Big Data And Why Does It Matter For You

2 - The Data Cycle

3 - You'll Need A Map To Get There

4 - Gathering

5 - Cleansing And Transformation

6 - Analysis

7 - Visualization

The course is currently under development, so your participation is completely free and with no strings attached. In addition, you have a chance to participate in developing a great course for people just like you.

So, what will you need to participate?


You should be interested in learning about your business and how big data can help you achieve your business goals.

Excel with PowerPivot
We'll be using Excel and PowerPivot a lot for the course. So, click here to find out more about how to get PowerPivot.

Some Excel skills
I'm going to explain everything in detail, but it'll help you a lot if you know already how to enter formulas, how to reference cells, etc.

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